IE 8? I thought it was seven?

Monday December 19, 2005

This is pretty funny. I thought I would share it with you guys.

I found this on the Internet Explorer development team's blog. It seems one of the team members doesn't know which version they are working on (or just doesn't know how many 7 is!). At least they got it right on their shirts :D

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Round Two of the Browser Wars

Tuesday November 1, 2005

With the release of Mozilla's Firefox internet browser, the stage is set for another browser war reminiscent of the battle between Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer back in the mid to late 90's.

Read the whole article here: /articles/2

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Crack Windows Passwords

Tuesday November 1, 2005

I've been researching the extraction of passwords from Windows SAM files lately, and I thought I would report some of my findings.

Here's the link, hope you enjoy! Cracking Weak Windows Passwords

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