Webmaster Services

Do you need a website? If you don't already have one then the answer is a definite YES! Everyone needs a website whether it's for personal use or if you want a full featured ecommerce site that can make you money. Either way, I've got a solution that will fit your needs.

I am an experienced webmaster who has authored many websites for the past several years. Still a little skeptical? Check out my portfolio at the bottom of this page.

So, are you ready to take the internet plunge? If so, here is a list of a few things you're going to need first:

  • Domain Name - There are lots of registrars online. The best deal I've found is $8.95 per year.
  • Website Host - Host your site with me for only $10 per month.
  • Site Content - What is going to be on your website?
  • Merchant Account - This is optional, but if you're going to do business online, you've got to have a merchant account. Linkpoint is preferred.

Make sure you've got all the stuff you need then contact me for a FREE quote. There is no obligation.

Some of these sites have been modified some since I released them to the site owners. All of my current work is done in standards compliant XHTML with AJAX for dynamic content, but much of my earlier work is done in HTML4 with table based layouts.

Riverview Technology Solutions

Junior Auxiliary of Vicksburg

Playground at Catfish Row

River Outfitters


Treasures Learning Center

Askew's Landing

C&J Fire Safety

Eagle View Industries

Vicksburg Warren School District

General Computer Services

I also do a wide variety of computer services other than websites. Here's a list along with pricing.

  • Spyware / Virus Removal ($80/hr) - My professional spyware and virus removal service will rid your system of those pests and protect you from future infestations. Keeping your system spyware and virus free isn't just about getting your speed back, it's about keeping your identity and other personal information out of the hands of online theives.
  • System Upgrades ($80/hr) - Your system has served you well up until now, but now it just can't keep up with the demands of today's software packages. A memory or hard drive upgrade can bring you up-to-date so you can get what you need done without having to purchase a new system.
  • New Systems (By Quote) - Maybe your system is just too old to upgrade, hey, it happens! It's time for a new system custom built to meet your specifications, so you can get the most from your computing experience. Don't spend extra buying a rubber stamp assembly line computer from those big companies. Let me help you with getting a personalized computer that has everything you need, and nothing you don't!
  • Preventive Maintenance (By Quote) - You have a business. You have employees. You have computers. You don't have time to make sure your computers are running as they should. Our routine maintenance contracts will ensure that your computer system will run as smoothly as possible and keep employee downtime to a minimum. Let us provide you with the personal attention you deserve.
  • Network Cabling ($80/hr or By Quote) - Building or moving into a new space? Let us install the cabling you'll need to get your network up and running quickly. We specialize in ethernet computer cabling and home theater cabling and installation. Don't pay too much for those other guys to install your network or plasma tv. We'll do a quality job for less!