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Thursday December 22, 2005

Well, here it is. My first project using AJAX. I'm very familiar with javascript, so using the AJAX methodology came very natural to me. I made this php calendar script for a customer a few months back, but it required page refreshes to load the next and previous months.

When I heard about AJAX, the calendar seemed to be a perfect project to implement using it. I've tested it in the most recent browsers, Firefox and IE 6, and both work perfectly. Enjoy!

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Change Years in Jump
Monday February 25, 2008


Nice calendar, I'm really enjoying it. But I do have a couple of things.

One - How can I change the default year from 2000 to the current year 2008 in the calendar jump window and have it advance 15 years from 2008 instead of 2000?

Two - I've noticed that sometimes the Go and Stop gifs in the jump don't show up. I included the text Go and Close next to the gifs just in case they didn't show.

Thanks. David

Calendar starts from Monday - possible?
Tuesday November 11, 2008


The calendar it's really great. I have one question. What can I do so that weeks would start from Monday not Sanday? I thought it's enought to delete +1 from this "$start = $date['wday']+1;" but it doesn't work to all months.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

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