AJAX / PHP / MySQL Website Survey Script

Here's a FREE simple, easy to use AJAX survey that uses PHP and MySQL for the backend. It even comes with an admin panel that makes creating and updating surveys a snap! AJAX allows the survey to fit seamlessly into your website!

This version is single question, but I'm working on a multiple question version as time permits.

As with all my other projects, this one has been tested successfully in IE6 and Firefox. Here's a screenshot of the admin tool.

Grab the code for FREE at the bottom of the page!

NOTE: There are issues with the admin tool for those who have PHP installed as a CGI instead of an Apache Module. Here's a link to more info on this and a fix for it: http://www.ilikecomputer.com/blog/33611

This code is very new! I have tested it, but I'm only human, thus prone to mistakes. Please contact me if you find a problem.

Grab the code here.