Free Super AJAX Calendar (requires PHP & MySQL)

By popular demand, the second generation AJAX calendar is here. I call it Super AJAX Calendar. The visual style of the calendar is refreshed and many new features are added in this version.

The super version includes the posting and viewing of linked events, and it comes with an admin tool to easily add and modify events to the calendar. Also added is a "jump to" box (the down arrow) so you can jump to a month / year instead of having to navigate using the previous / next functions.

There's a few sample events added to December 2007 and January 2008 so you can see how the event links work.

As usual, I've tested it in Firefox and IE 6, and both work perfectly. Enjoy!

NOTE: There are issues with the admin tool for those who have PHP installed as a CGI instead of an Apache Module. Here's a link to more info on this and a fix for it: Using PHP hosting can help as well.

This code has been out for quite some time now and has been used successfully on many websites. Common problems and solutions can be found here. If you want customization done, learn PHP and Javascript or contact me for a quote.

Click here to grab the code.